Free Software – Nmap for Conficker, PortableApps, FreeMind Mindmap, and Twitter News

Nmap 4.85BETA7 Released to Scan for Conficker Worm
Front page news over at I downloaded the latest version of Nmap and ran a scan on the local machines. Seems that are good. The newest version of Nmap contains a script that when run will give you a probable prognosis on your computer’s status. They list the command to run the script as well.

Over at I just finished downloading the full suite version of PortableApps for USB drives. Using this allows you to store your bookmarks, settings, and other info on USB flash storage drive and take them with you wherever you go. Includes popular applications such as Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, ClamWin (AntiVirus), Pidgin, Sumatra PDF Reader, KeePass Password Manager, OpenOffice, AbiWord Word Processor, a notepad, an audio player, and a few games. All of these are run directly off the USB storage drive and leave nothing behind.

Direct Download Link:

FreeMind is a mind mapping application that I recently started using pretty heavily. Its Java-based implementation appeals to both Windows and Linux users. Found this originally on LifeHacker.

FreeMind info link:

There is some talk about Google possibly acquiring Twitter. I know that Twitter has received offers in the past, and I am wondering if they will consider this one. I like Google’s apps anyways. Full story here:

I have not been posting much because I am working on some new stuff behind the scenes. Be one of the first in the forums.


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